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The Magic of Dynamism

by Enid Vien

Dynamism is based on the idea that we are all Spiritual Beings who are attached to a physical form, but are essentially not that form. In this belief, we are aligned with the Hindu and Buddhist religions both of which teach that man IS his own immortal soul.

The Spiritual Being is immortal, perfect and whole. That is you, before you developed a case,1 became associated with a physical universe and eventually a physical form.

Up to this point, we and these great Eastern Religions are in accord. Dynamism teaches that since we are here now, in the condition we are in, then we should master it, learn to live in harmony with the universe and handle our cases. It is our cases which cause us to create disharmony thus adding to the solidity of the universe and allowing it to degrade us further.

A Dynamism Practitioner helps the individual to clear away the old psychic impressions which hold us back from being who we truly are, operating as we truly can and from achieving wholeness and harmony.

Since a Spiritual Being is senior to the physical universe, he has the power to change it. As long as he considers IT has effects on him, why so it does. A practitioner is needed to assist the being to untangle his thoughts and establish and maintain a senior position for it is not easy to overcome one’s conditioning and rise above the mundane into a world where your thoughts have power.

When a being is ignorant of his true nature, he does not know that he is creating effects on the universe and GIVING it power over him. As he awakens, he becomes more and more cognizant of what he has been doing and creating with his thoughts.

As we do not live in a vacuum, our thoughts also influence those around us, when they are painful or unpleasant, they flow out with our Dynamis and cause disharmony. Others, reacting to this, create further disharmony and on it goes in a never ending chain of destruction.

Our mission is to break the chains which bind us!

Enid Vien

Enid Vien
First Practitioner
1 September 1998

1A case is the collection of psychic impressions which we have accumulated, along with the thoughts, decisions, conclusions and emotions in those impressions, which taint our Dynamis (life energy.) We flow this tainted life energy into the physical universe, creating effects we do not currently intend or desire.

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